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Bigfoot loves the PNW!

There are credible Bigfoot sightings reported from people all over the country and even all over the world! Though collectively, Bigfoot rules the Pacific North West with Washington state dominating the entire world with over 700 reported Bigfoot sightings, and Oregon and California following close behind in numbers with a combined 700+. The most recent sighting being just a few months ago, August 2023, in none other than Clackamas County, Oregon. A lone female hiker reported to The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization a series of strange howls and knocking around her campsite at Timothy Lake. According the report, the howling started at around 3am both nights that she was there. The first morning of her stay she noticed something fishing in the lake no more than 15 feet away, the hiker reported that it was "possibly just a bear" however when she moved on her sleeping pad, the creature heard her and ran off.

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