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Sighting At Mount Shasta by Cheri Moritz

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

Three of my best girlfriend's and I decided to take a trip to Mount Shasta the back roads from Cave Junction Oregon.. The trip had so many what I call magical moments to begin with. Along this road we ended up standing on a plaque in the ground that said it was the exact center of the world. Just down from there we had to slow down for a deer and actually had to stop because it wouldn't move out of the middle of the road. When we did it walked over to our car on the passenger side and looked right in the window at my friend sitting in the front seat. Quietly studying her. Then walked back to my window and looked at me the same way. This was unusual behavior by a wild deer to begin with. We started driving very slowly past us as it stood there staring at us. As we started driving down the road it started chasing the car as if to say, hey wait for me I want to go with you. What deer chases a car? We next found ourselves on a road driving next to the Klamat River where a large Eagle started flying next to us for miles keeping up with our speed. By this time we began hoping we had taken the right road but finally we reached Mount Shasta. We pulled into the parking lot and everyone walked around stretching their legs. One of the girls got out her binoculars and was looking up at the ridge. She called us all over and said you gotta see this. When it was my turn I looked up and walking on the very top ridge was this tall dark figure with a slightly bent over posture, extra long arms and legs. It walked with long strides and then started dow the hillside. It didn't walk down like a normal man would it walked more like a gorilla would. People a short distance from us had loud music playing and it continued down the mountain side for a little farther and then stopped and squatted down as if listening to the music. The daylight was slipping away so we stood there amazed realizing we had just seen Bigfoot. Then it became too dark to see anything so we left and all the way home excitedly talked about what each one of us saw. After I got home the news was talking about how Bigfoot was spotted up by the Oregon Caves which I lived only a few miles from and was straight across from Mount Shasta as the crow flies. Maybe that explained why the night before we heard an ungodly loud almost animal Screams. We had never heard before. Of course we all joked that maybe it was Bigfoot. We got brave enough to look out the back door with a flash light and saw two eyes shining in the light off far enough we couldn't see what it was and noone was brave enough to go see. The sound kept up off and on for a little while and then stopped. I believe it was Bigfoot who had been spotted not too far from us that day and had made it across the mountains during that night and following day to Mount Shasta.

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